Ron Daniels

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Millennium Lock Inc., Ron Daniels offers customers premium deadbolt lock systems. With the technical assistance of the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program, Millennium Lock has created a security lock that can withstand 4,000 pounds of pressure. Ron Daniels began the initial research and development in 2000 and continued to work with technology companies and law enforcement officers throughout the United States to perfect his design.

Ron Daniels designed Millennium Lock’s “The Ultimate Lock” to rely on the strongest part of the door: its frame. With a solid steel security bar secured to both sides of the frame, the device offers much more protection than regular deadbolts. Combined with a specially engineered steel strike plate and a six-pin mechanism designed to prevent bump-key break-ins, The Ultimate Lock provides protection unmatched by normal door locks. At the request of Ron Daniels, a SWAT team simulated the tactics it uses to enter doorways on The Ultimate Lock and was unable to penetrate the door.

The idea for the lock sprang from Ron Daniels’ experiences in law enforcement. Currently a Captain in the Harris County (Texas) Police Department, Mr. Daniels frequently encountered forced entries into homes and businesses in Houston. His conclusion that many of those crimes could have been thwarted with stronger locks encouraged him to design and manufacture sturdier deadbolts through Millennium Lock.

Ron Daniels possesses experience and knowledge of criminal justice outside of his daily duties as a police officer. Receiving his police training from the University of Houston, he also holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and is a member of the Texas Gulf Coast Crime Prevention Association (TGCCPA). During his career, Ron Daniels also worked with DARE (drug abuse resistance and education) and GREAT (gang resistance education and training) programs. The author of the book “Protect Yourself! How to Stay Safe in an Unsafe World,” Ron Daniels enjoys spending time with his children and playing golf and tennis when not working.