Ron Daniels MiLLennium Lock, Inc.

The Ultimate Lock, invented by Millennium Lock, Inc. company President and Chief Executive Officer Ron Daniels, provides a significant upgrade from the traditional deadbolt lock. The Ultimate Lock took Mr. Daniels six years to invent, with grant funding and technical assistance provided by NASA’s Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program. Patented in the United States, the Ultimate Lock offers residential or commercial-grade options and is available from retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s. Ron Daniels, a police captain in Harris County, Texas, designed the Ultimate Lock to withstand 4,000 pounds of pressure, with the commercial grade resisting up to 8,000 pounds of force. With mounting screws three inches longer than a conventional deadbolt system, and a shock absorber built in, the Ultimate Lock utilizes the strength of the building’s wall to help resist forced entry. Additional features developed by Mr. Daniels assist the Ultimate Lock to withstand other forced entry methods, from lock picking to a method know as bump keying. The Ultimate Lock is endorsed by a wide variety of law enforcement agencies, a number of which tested the lock system and found that even a police battering ram would not cause the Ultimate Lock to fail. In addition to inventing the Ultimate Lock, Ron Daniels authored a book entitled Protect Yourself: How to Stay Safe in an Unsafe World. Committed to the cause of public safety, he donated hundreds of the Ultimate Locks to Habitat for Humanity in Houston. For his work as an active duty police officer, police captain, and inventor of the Millennium Lock, Mr. Daniels was one of the few police captains that earned a nomination as United States Marshal for the Southern District of Texas. His dedication and love for law enforcement has been extraordinary.