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Lululemon shared its retail space, yoga studio. We have been continuing to grow since then, and our technical yoga apparel and clothing, and now has more than 100 stores across Canada, the U.S., Australia and Hong Kong. Our technical sportswear, yoga, running, dancing, and most other sweating pursuit.

Lululemon is infamous for never having sales. That's why in this post I'd like to take the op Lululemon was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1998, the first portunity to let Lululemon sale fans know that Lululemon's Canadian online shop now has a SALE section. This recently added portion of the site has all of the advantages of their outlet in Bellingham (which can be hit and miss), without having the disadvantages of duty fees, border lineups and (currently) the US dollar.

Upon first entering Lululemon's sale section, it didn't seem like they had that much stuff. However, that was before I noticed that although there is only one image provided per article the (often multiple) colours in which it's available are shown directly below . Lululemon isn't exactly giving their stuff away, but there are some really nice products and with discounts that vary from 10% - 30%, why wouldn't you have a look?

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