Avanti Mining Mesh


UNILUX considers all its clients’ requirements for boilers. Low-Pressure boilers provide sufficient heat for many industrial applications.

For space-heating applications, or wherever low-pressure steam (up to 15 PSI) is required, UNILUX “LS” series low-pressure steam boiler can do the job best. The exclusive UNILUX stainless-steel, knockout baffle spans the entire length of the steam drum for maximum steam-quality at the outlet.

Standard construction for these boilers is ASME Section IV. UNILUX low-pressure steam boilers are also available as “FE” or Field-Erect units which do not need welding on-site for assembly at all.

All UNILUX boilers have easy to remove and replace access-panels and tube change is accomplished without any welding or rolling. Double inspection/cleanout ports in all drums, industry trusted operating/level and pump controls are all designed and mounted to make daily boiler inspections simple.

All units are inspected by a third-party inspection agency at least twice during the construction process to insure that the unit is always the best it can be. All tubes provided are at least 1.5” OD and of SA178 Grade “A” material.

All UNILUX steam boilers can generate steam rapidly at about 15 minutes from a cold start to a head of steam and will respond to swing-load conditions unlike most other boilers available in the market.