Marta Millere

Rome, Italy

I'm soaking up the NEW. I'm passionate about sustainable development, fashion, social media for non-profits, travelling, cool hunting, everything Italian, reading everything from Victor Hugo to Italian VOGUE, writing, every human being I meet and their story, but mostly their style.

I speak fluent English, Latvian, Italian and Russian, although it's a bit rusty. I have a background in Business Communications, Marketing and Advertising from LUMSA and The American University in Rome.

I have more than 2 years experience in communications for a non-profit organization. I've been writing for the web (, developing social media strategy (I manage & measure @BioversityInt and whose followers/fans have grown by more than 700% in the past year), and helping to organize events with FAO, WFP and other Rome-based food agencies.

In the future I dream of getting an MBA, uniting my passions of fashion and sustainable development, and riding my bicycle to work in a fabulous pair of stilettos.

  • Work
    • Bioversity International
  • Education
    • Marymount International School of Rome
    • lumsa roma
    • The American University of Rome