Hannah's History

Southern Indiana

Currently, I live in Southern Indiana in an area fondly dubbed "Kentuckiana" by the locals. My husband and I reside with our dog Kujo and nearby is our horse Bandit. I love peacock feathers, I adore massively huge earrings, I'm addicted to Coca-Cola, I only run if something's chasing me, and I read the dictionary for fun. Judge me if you will.

Originally from South Carolina, my husband and I met during our undergrad. I graduated with an Interdisciplinary Studies degree with concentrations in Christian Studies and Communications. At 14 I started teaching horse back riding lessons, at 16 I branched out to training, consulting, and boarding, and at 19 I continued growing and began hosting birthday parties. During this time, I began to see how God uses His creatures to teach us and at 18 I attended Miracle Mountain Ranch. At MMR I learned how to use horses and training methods to teach Biblical principles.

Consistently accused of being a "straight shooter" to use a nice colloquilism, I thus named my blog. HorseTalkwithHannah is where I "straight talk" about life, horses, and the Lord. While there you're bound to learn some interesting horse stories and I'm sure if you hang around long enough most of your questions will be answered about my crazy family. I never was very good at keeping the family secrets. . .

  • Work
    • Substitute Teacher
  • Education
    • North Greenville University