Joshua Miller


After years of bullying, at the age of 15, Joshua Miller founded the youth run initiative Louder Than Noise. Louder Than Noise is an Ontario based organization and allows for the creative expression of youth in supportive online and real life venues. Through various campaigns and events, Louder Than Noise acts as a way for youth to help shape themselves into becoming more motivated youth leaders and begin to make a huge impact on this generations youth, combating apathy and bullying, while promoting literacy, in a supportive and compassionate environment for disenfranchised or bullied youth. these are all things that the youth of Louder Than Noise strive towards.

In 2013, as chosen from a panel of Members of the Order of Canada, Joshua received the TOP 20 UNDER 20 award for his work with Louder Than Noise.

Josh currently serves on the Globe and Mail's National Student Advisory Council as well is a Contributor for The Varsity Publications Co. the largest student-run newspaper in Canada.

Josh is an avid reader of great classics and has a passion for creative writing. As well as cinema.

  • Education
    • University of Toronto, Hon.B.A. Arts Management Minor. Media Studies