Katharina Miller


I’m currently working as a German, Spanish and European lawyer in an international Spanish law firm. The main focus of the law firm is on enterprises and corporations as well as on private individuals and their respective activities both in Spain and abroad.

Also, as an extern Consultant CSR I am advising the Spanish Consultancy Legal Compliance Spain on CSR diplomacy, Good Governance and WOB. I am responsible for Data Protection at the law firm and an extern Expert at the Spanish Commission to Prevent Money Laundering (SEBLAC).

With my qualifications obtained during my studies in Germany and Luxembourg in law, business administration and economics, I give our clients outstanding care and advice, since I am able to advise our clients in their own language and due to my sound knowledge of legal and tax systems of many other jurisdictions. I give tailor-made solutions to the problems and questions of our clients’ wide-ranging needs and requirements. My main tasks include the counseling of clients in Spanish corporate and employment law, where my understanding and experience of different legal systems and cultures helps right from the outset. I can anticipate hurdles and address them immediately.

As a passionate lawyer, always finding the best solutions for my clients, I combine many skills, that I have been gaining during my life: In 1997 I received the YWPA Award of ZONTA Stuttgart and ZONTA District 30 for my strength of “character, motivation and commitment to both personal and organizational goals”. I am Vice-President of ELLEVATE (85Broads), President of Zonta Madrid and Spanish representative on Board of Zonta District 29, I am founding member and Head of the German Women Lawyer Association in Spain (djb) and as member of djb and the European Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) I am Spanish coordinator of the initiative European Women Shareholders Demand Gender Equality (EWSDGE). I strongly believe in the CSR diplomacy: We want companies to be responsible.