Miller Kaufmann

Student in Athens, Georgia

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Hi, I’m Miller. Something that I truly enjoy doing in my free time is fishing: either out on a boat off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale kite fishing for sailfish (as pictured above), bass fishing out of random ponds in my home town of Atlanta, or fly fishing for trout in Aspen, CO on the Roaring Fork River. No matter what type of fishing I am doing, I am always at the same state of mind, calm.

Although I enjoy fishing, not everyone in my family does. My mom and twin sister don’t have a problem fishing with me, relaxing on the boat or around the pond. My dad is the one who cannot stand the sport. If he is on a boat, he will get extremely sea sick. If he is sitting by the pond, he will get antsy and impatient and shift his attention to other things he feels are more important. One example being answering emails on his phone.

The two men in the picture above are my dad and his best friend Steve. It took Steve and I weeks to convince my dad to come fishing on his boat but we finally did it. My dad made sure to take all the medicine he could find just to ensure he didn’t get sick. The trip ended up being a true success. My dad did not get sick and managed to real in a sailfish. Overall, this was a trip of a lifetime and something I will never forget.