Kourtney Miller<3

Neww Yahhk!(;

Hii My names Kourtney and im 13 years old<33 My whole life is pretty much on my computer! I love my best friend, big time rush and my phone (these things are also my life)<3 except i just dropped my phone in milk, so thats not good :/

Soo i said my life was on the internet so follow me on instagram its PrincessKourtney_xx and follow me on twitter its osnapitzbtr_xx and add me on facebook its Kourtney Miller (i promise i dont bite!(: )

You know that quote "best friends are hard to find because the very best one is already mine" Well that me and my best friend<3 She is the absoulute best and we have plans to do many things in the future(:

And know i said my life was big time rush (a amazing boyband) I have the same birthday as Carlos Roberto Pena Jr.<3 Yeah, be jealous! James Maslow is soo hot and yummy!(: Logan Henderson is a whore and I love him for that(; And don't even get me started on Kendall Francis Schmidt that boy will be the death of me<33 I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH<33

And my phone it sucks but i love it and i have know idea what i would do without, i dropped it in my cereal, cause im a dumbass, but it still works so thats good((:

I have a couple of dreams and that is to meet Big time rush, to meet the Kardahsians, to meet Justin Bieber and to travel the world with my best friend<33

I love to laugh and im a very happy person, most of the time! My family is very annoying, but i love them and they love me! We have our ups and downs but so does every family(: <3 So... thats all i really have to say! Ohh.. i almost forget! You're beautiful and don't let anyone tell you diffrent!<3 Be yourself and I promise you'll make friends in know time<33 :) Anywhos, talk to me((: I love making new friends and i promise i dont bite(:


Kourtney Marie Miller<33