Miller Melnikoff

My name is Miller Melnikoff and I am a freshman from Marietta, Georgia. I am currently double majoring in Business/Management and Sports Management. You may ask why I chose two majors that are so similar to each other. I chose these two because I one day want to become a general manager of a professional sports team. Ever since I went to my first Braves game as a four year old, sports have run my life, and that is why I have decided to follow a career path in the sports field.
In order to obtain my goal I need to have some sort of sports specialty, so that explains the Sport management major. I chose Business/Management to have a backup plan in case sports don’t work out. When I was little I always wanted to become the next great baseball player, or hockey player. Then I realized you have to actually be good at these sports in order to make it in the pros. The next best thing though to me is to get to control a team that has incredible players on it. That is why I have chosen this career path. After college I am hoping to get an internship with the Atlanta Braves in the baseball operations department. If I can do this it would be a great résumé builder and it could launch the start of my career.