Miller Robert

Consultant and Military in Texas

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Major General Miller Robert was born 30 May 1966, he is an American Army, working with United Nation ( U.N ) Security Council.

The United Nation, is an international organization founded in 1945, it currently made up of 193 member state. each member state of the United Nation is a member of the General. The organ of the UN are the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the Trusteeship Council, the International Court of Justice and the Security Council.


Major General Miller Robert born in Berlin Germany, Robert grew up in an Engineering family in Berlin, and his father Miller Cruz and brother Miller Frank were both major engineer in the Germany and they both died in a car accident in 1986. He lost his wife ( Daniella Miller) march 15 2010 to a protracted ailment. He is single father of a lovely son ( Master Desmond Cruz). He is honest, caring and loving man, he attended Thomas Jefferson high school in Alexandria, Virginia, for two years and then Jesuit high school California, and graduated with master degree. He was a basketball player during his youthful days


He is a Major General working in U.S Army and also working in United Nation Security Council.