Jim Miller

Established in 1995, Miller's Handyman and Remodeling Service is owned by James M. Miller and provides a wide range of household repair and remodeling services. We can correct electrical or plumbing problems, repair drywall, paint a room, install new doors or moldings, or completely remodel your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. We can install new flooring including laminate, ceramic vinyl or carpet, or hardwood. Our focus is helping you achieve the projects of your dreams. Whether your remodeling project requires complete kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or basement remodeling our attention to detail starting in the planning process and continuing through the project assures that you receive everything you hoped for.Quality first for results that last. It sounds like a slogan but it is more than that. We are often called to correct damage that is a result of concealed problems. When any problem comes to light in the course of our work we advise you and suggest corrective measures. Taking short cuts to cover up these issues will simply allow the problem resurface later. We practice integrity in every phase of our job so that you receive a project that is beautiful and durable.License:Summit County, Ohio Registration Number CBB120011Fully Insured 1 million per occurance/Aggregated 2 million