Shea Miller

Warrensburg, MO

I was 11 the first time I told my mum I had a mission and a purpose for being here and felt a deep honor for being alive. Ever since then I've been searching for it. In middle school I went through turmoil of losing people close to me. I started seeing and feeling deep emotions I never knew existed. Thruough out high school I struggled with what is right vs wrong, not in a legal sense but morally. I was young so I would do ignorant things but almost immediately I would realize how that would effect everyone in the situation by feeling the chain reaction. This constant bulldozing of emotions both mine and others made me feel alone, alienated and extremely depressed. I often would tell myself, "No one knows how I feel". One day I randomly found buddhism and felt a connection. It made more sense than anything I had found and immediately became hooked. This helped me but I still was confused why I felt things so intensely and why I couldn't understand nor did I want to be apart of society. When I graduated high school I felt a deep change in me. I knew I was on my way to becoming the person I was destined to be and that college was not what I wanted to do. It had nothing to do with the college but the deep sense that this was not what I needed to be doing so I dropped out and came back home to quickly got a job and move out. Then I began researching any conspiracy theory I could for about 7 months. I felt I was learning more about why I didn't trust our society nor goverments but there was still more to the story. Then one day I stumbled upon indigo children that perfectly described how I had felt my whole life. I felt overwhelmed with joy. For once in my life I found a full puzzle piece. Shortly after I found this I found a video made by Spirit Science on youtube and was blown away. All the answers I searched for, everything that I felt so deeply was right there. I soon was seeing the whole puzzle and now I just had to practice what I learned and spread my compassion and knowledge as I continue to learn from what the universe throws at me. And that's why I created this site, for kids and adults who fell out of place, confused, depressed and down right angry with how the world is. I focus on spreading happy and positive vibes to further help every living being on this planet while also learning and striving to always become more compassionate. Please email me for questions, ideas for me to write on, advice, someone to talk to