Milli Fox

Ajax, ON

My journey began at a young age through a deep fascination with the human mind and human behaviour, leading me into the study of Psychology. I love to observe and dissect patterns of behaviour, and I believe that health behaviours are the most important.

In today's world the correlation between the mind and body has become a main focus. My goal is to help people develop the balance they need in order to live at their highest level of functioning and happiness. I will strive to do this by being a coach in all sense of the word. I will teach you how to strengthen your body and mind through exercise, diet and lifestyle.

I offer in-home or in-studio personal training and nutrition coaching sessions. If you are interested in starting on a path towards your best life, then contact me for more information. I offer free consultations :)

  • Work
    • Fit Fox Coaching
  • Education
    • BA Psychology
    • Certified Personal Trainer- NASM
    • Personal Trainer Specialist- Canfitpro
    • Nutrition Coach- Precision Nutrition