Millicent Frazier

My name is Millicent Frazier and I have been a teacher for 28 years. I have taught in both private and public sectors. I taught 6th & 7th grade social studies and language arts.

I have a Masters in Counselor Education , Middle Grades. I'm seeking a second Masters in Instructional Technology because I could see how much more in tuned the children were to technology. They would get so excited when I would have a lesson involving technology. I want to learn more in order to incorporate it into my classroom. I also would like to help design children's programming and curriculum.

I love reading and being near the water. My ultimate goal is the have a home near the shore. My husband and I have six children between us and fourteen grands! We currently live in Union City, GA. I am not in the classroom now. I market insurance products with a great company.

Apparently I am a late bloomer because I am just realizing what an awesome world we live in and my goal now is to see and experience as much of it as I can.