Millie Grgas

Los Angeles, California

First-generation Croatian-American. LA-born, NY-forged. Lover of Laughs. Taker of risks. Planner of plans.

10-year-lifeplan—Sotheby's LA; Portland; Sotheby's London; IESA Paris/Brussels/London/Florence; Sveučilište u Zagrebu; NYU IFA; Getty Fellowship; Diocletian's Palace; Director of Conservation at the Getty . . . and somehow own and operate my own gallery & be an international art dealer and whatnot.

30-year-lifeplan—10-year plan failed...Plan B: world domination.

  • Work
    • Anthropologie
  • Education
    • Sotheby's Institute of Art
    • New York University
    • Columbia University
    • Rhode Island School of Design