Millie Levin

Science Journalist in Sacramento, California

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I have spent the past two years digging through mud and traveling through time. In other words, I completed a master's degree in geology where I explored the climate history of California and discovered how trees and plants responded to natural climate variations.

Now, I'm looking forward, and the changing climate that we’re currently experiencing is much different.

Many people don’t realize that they are experiencing climate change when they aren’t able to water their front lawns, or the ski season has been short or nonexistent, or that the levees that they pass on the freeway everyday is the only defense they have against their homes being flooded in those years we get wetter winters.

With Because Climate, I want to make the connection by using storytelling and personal narratives. Because Climate is a collection of stories and information that aim to move the discussion towards people and how their lives are affected by a changing climate. Follow us on Twitter to get more information about climate change and its role in news-worthy events. Click through to our website to see personal stories about climate change and daily life.

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    • University of California, Davis