Joseph Girardin

Beyond providing transformative corporate and collegiate talks, Joseph is a Global Spiritual Mentor, a Spiritual Advisor and Peace Arbitrator for Transformational Freedom, as well as an Executive Consultant. Joseph is a prolific spiritual leader, expertly engineering breakthroughs for individuals and organizations globally. A life-changing speaker,

Joseph connects and communicates an energetic message to empower individuals and organizations to overcome adversity, reconnect with their purpose and dynamically live their dreams. A passionate mentor who empowers all age groups, Joseph transcends the limitations that divide, transforming troubled and troublesome people and situations. He brings people together with fresh inspiration and HOPE for the future, while igniting new vision and passion to succeed.

Joseph's incredible depth of character and his own rich TRANSFORMATION make him a notable and unforgettable speaker. His incredible life-changing transformations and personal stories inspire any audience to achieve greatness. Corporate and collegiate talks are Joseph's specialty. He has touched the hearts and souls of many by sharing how he made it through numerous catastrophes in his life. Catastrophic events that would have crippled and even killed others in the same situation. transformational workshops and life-changing messages to a variety of audiences around the world, from corporations and communities to luxury cruise liners at sea.
Joseph volunteered at Ground Zero in New York City during 9/11

Joseph has had his share of immense challenges, including a tragic accident that left him a quadriplegic. In addition to rising above this physical limitation, he has overcome adversity since he was very young. Dissention awaken Joseph's heart. Being a mentor and keynote speaker to global corporations and communities brings healing to all. Joseph's talks always bring a wonderful element of diversity and global awareness, serving to unify each organization or community in a special way. Joseph's talks have a unique way of bringing people together, while causing them to celebrate their differences and be empowered to live happy authentic lives.