Starr Million Baker

I am one of those lucky people that gets to do what they love every day - sixteen years professionally, umpteen years if you count back to seventh grade yearbook. And even better, I get to do it with a group of people that make work fun, interesting, and new - my team here in the office and my tech and clean energy clients around the world. I've worked on brands big and small at firms big and small (find more specifics here: and have found across those experiences that two things ring true - the first is that good stories, told consistently and well, make everybody (client, reporter, me) happy. The other? We must keep learning, evolving, trying new things (good examples here: - and balance that with not throwing the baby (aka those tried and true PR tactics) out with the bath water. A few things I'm proud of: adding to my journalism/public relations degree from the University of Texas with my Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) - it's a bit like an accountant earning her CPA. I was honored to be chosen as a finalist for the PR News Agency Person of the Year award in 2010, and recognized as a Top 20 Communicator by the journalists I work with every day in the 2010 PR Source Code Top Tech Communicators Awards. I also enjoy teaching and sharing, and get to do that regularly as a guest lecturer in PR classes at UT, and at local and national PR events. I have a hand in all INK accounts, incorporating planning, message creation, media relations, and writing with strong strategic counsel. When not working, you won't find me sleeping - my two daughters keep me on the go.