DJ Charlie Hustle

Atlanta, GA

Charlie Hustle was born at Howard University hospital in the 80’s. As a product of his environment hustle, gained interest in radio broadcasting equipment and turntable equipment. In the late 80’s hustle, moved to California in the beginning stages of the west coast era. As the 90’s were ushered in southern California, the west coast movement was in full swing with Death Row Records leading the movement. During this time Charlie Hustle was steadily following his role models Run DMC and Jam Master Jay. Also at this time Charlie Hustle was learning the fundamentals and functions of keyboards.

But in 1994, things changed greatly for Charlie Hustle. While watching the final episode of YO MTV! RAPS, hustle made the decision that he wanted to do what Jam Master Jay and Jazzy Jeff did, and that was to be a dj. Later that year Charlie Hustle moved from the L.A. streets to the infamous eastside of Stone Mountain, GA. This is where he found his “voice” in the heart of Stone Mountain. Within the same year Charlie Hustle also became interested in a revelountary DJ in Houston, TX named DJ Screw. DJ Screw was credited with creating the chopped and screwed style of mixing where the record is slowed down and the favorite lines of the rapper are doubled in a delay to make the lines repeat itself.

Not Knowing yet knowing how to become a dj, Charlie Hustle listened to his favorite dj's/on air personalities in the city, DJ Nabs, DJ Jelly, Greg Street, Chris Lova Lova, Poon Daddy, Emperor Searcy and Ryan Cameron while attending middle and high school in Stone Mountain.

In 2000 Charlie Hustle moved to the state of Michigan where the Midwest movement was still early. While living in Michigan Hustle, learning the techno/house style of mixing and intergraded the styles with the knowledge that was gained form the south and from the west coast. By intergrading these styles together along with the chopped and screwed remixing pioneered by the late DJ Screw, Charlie Hustle became a well-known DJ with in the state.

In 2003, Hustle made the move back to Georgia but instead to Cobb County (Austell/Marietta area) bring a new change to southern turntablism. Upon his return, Hustle re-gained notoriety with his groundbreaking mixtape series called “Southern Backlash”. Though the series was strictly a screwed series, it helped introduce the screwed remixing in a new light. It was always under the impression that chopped and screwed remixes can only c

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