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All lawyers must have an appropriate professional reputation. Their qualifications, experience, and reputation must be in sync with the needs of the legal system in which they serve. All lawyers must make sure that the attorney law clerk resume they use includes everything they wish to present in their covering letter.

In order to get law firms to take you on, you will have to convince them that your experience, education, skills, and performance meet or exceed their own. The federal government recently passed a sweeping law that expands the range of employers who can discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, or disability. The drafter of this law, stuffed with far reaching definitions, was named Jack Kennedy. The statutory gift rider on the other hand was tucked into the annual budget with no public notice. Lawyers who know that their potential employers may be violating this law are encouraged to include a reference to this rider on their resumes. offers some in-depth insights on employment law.

Many lawyers believe that the statutory gift rider constitutes an unfair practice. They argue that it requires them to give preference to people who cannot afford to hire them, but cannot actually afford to hire their own staff. This may not be the case. However, some firms are taking advantage of this new law, sending their attorneys on assignments without providing any legal services. The result, for these firms, is that they are effectively outsourcing their legal needs to outsource companies.

If you are a lawyer who needs to hire additional help, it is best to review your current workload and discuss it with a fellow lawyer. Lawyers tend to compete with each other for business. Many times, larger law firms will assign an associate to handle the majority of their cases. This is fine if you have sufficient experience in the area in which you need assistance, but if you have little experience at all, you may find this task overwhelming. If you are working with a large law firm, ask whether they offer a litigation service that allows you to focus on your core legal work while they assign an attorney to your case.