lisa povey


started listening to the pilgrim series 4 on radio 4 by Sebastian BBaczkiewicz and was so enthralled just had to listen from the start.So downloaded from audio go bbc series 1 2 3 and they are riveting. About a man called William palmer a pilgrim on the road to Canterbury 1n 1105 who encounters the king of the greyfolk (faries) and is doomed never to die but to live between the two worlds. Stars Paul Hilton as the reluctant and unthanked hero protecting mankind from an enemy they resist believing in.He has all kind of mystical /magical occurences in the world of modern times.

Also am being face book stalked by a member of the edfl who wants everyone to go on a march on saturday to campaign gainst the turning of a derlict theatre in union street into a Mosque. Why such anger and hate baffles me I follow my faith why cant others be allowed to do the same. Better this beautiful old building be put to some use than left to collapse even further. Am quite worried about the outcome of this march for peacful citizens and be the start of race problems that need not exist