Pamela Becker

Pamela grew up having a deep love for the ocean and a great passion of creating unique and one of kind sentimental gifts for her family and friends. Always trying to create that special gift that would last a lifetime. Unlike most kids growing up, you would find Pamela drawing, painting, swimming, diving, surfing or dancing around in the backyard with her sister. This inspiration has made Pamela who is today. Having experienced a career in Graphic Design for 15 years has made her advance to where she is today. By creating unique Baroque Tahitian Pearls, “Bling” Shoes and flip flops that make every woman feel confident with a sense of style in a playful, sexy side. Pamela has a love for custom, unique and different accessories that sets her apart from everyone else; this is what Milori2 is about. Traveling around the world at a young age has given Pamela a deep love for photography. Pamela takes all of the photos of the models and products featured in this website. Pamela is also a professional photographer who shoots photos of weddings, portraits, models portfolio’s (i.e. Zeds and head shots), for the entertainment world, as well as still shots.