Miloud Mil.

Small Business Owner and Consultant in Singapore

Mr. Miloud MIL Habibi

A bachelor Degree in life Sciences , Biologist ,Geologist, Environmentalist, lover of IT and newly invented gadgets, always eager to discover,learn and search about new things why and how it works.

A handyman, jack of all trade,love to share knowledges, volunteering and help others, the secret of happiness is to make others happy and draw a smile on other people's face.

How hard life it could be,there will be always a U turn and the opportunities will look for you, be ready to grab them and your luck will shine, life no pain, everyday gain and gain...

Build or join social media platforms and networks, get to know tons of new friends around the world, you will definitely meet many people who will impact on you and influence your thoughts and change you to a better person.

Either you do good or bad people will still talk about you criticise you they may ever hate you...just don't care,be positive cheerful, helpful and humble.

19 years of school, 7 years of work and 18 years in business until today,a huge history full of various experiences all along the road from morocco to singapore...

For More details on my Personality a very thorough description of my past present and future please read the Bazi chart by Mr KevinFoong at :

  • Work
    • MosiCafe Pte Ltd
  • Education
    • University Cadi Ayad Morocco
    • Singapore Polytechnic