Milo Ricks Carter

Writer in Spokane, Washington

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Iraq War vet, formerly addicted and homeless now focused on progress. I like art of all sorts but words are what I love best. I write them and arrange them into articles, essays and -my favorite- works of fiction that are based on real issues. My goal is to write a successful novel; and by successful I do not take into account sales or fame. It will be a success when I write a story that means a great deal to myself and maybe a few other people who can relate; when upon completing this meaningful story I know that I could not have possibly written any better; when I know that I would be fully satisfied if this story were the only thing left behind in an otherwise uneventful existence, when I could die in peace with this one accomplishment. I guess that's the goal.

  • Education
    • Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts-Seattle