Milt Baron

Helping internet business owners take their marketing to the next level and beyond whilst keeping it real and traveling the world, very slowly.


Milt has not had a "proper job" since he was 15 years old. He has created several successful businesses (and a few failures). Some of his successes include being a freelance puppet maker/model maker to building a furniture design company from scratch, an Indian restaurant in Thailand, working as an online affiliate marketer and becoming a Digital Marketing expert.

After being a bit of a rebel at school he then went on to excel at Art & Design School and soon had opportunities of being hired for his creative thinking and artistic abilities. Designing and creating models, props and animation puppets for TV / Film and advertising his work has been seen on the BBC and featured in international books and magazines.

In his early 20's Milt moved into furniture design business designing exclusive commissioned furniture and displayed his works at the biggest home and lifestyle exhibitions across the UK.

At the age of 26, after a terrible couple of years of bad luck, stress and heart break lead him to becoming epileptic and he had to rethink his life/work and started it all by selling everything he owned and traveling around the world for a whole year.

After that one year of exploring the world and getting into accidental amazing adventures, hooked on traveling and realizing that it really wasn't that hard for him to live anywhere in the world by using his creative and entrepreneurial skills he continued to travel. Traveling around South East Asia, after slightly too much partying he felt it was time to build a business. An Indian restaurant in Thailand that turned out to be a huge success and was said by some to be the best Indian restaurant in Thailand.

All this time Milt was playing with this thing called "the internet" as he had feelings that it was the future of business.

After being scammed a couple of times he eventually found success in affiliate marketing, building micro-businesses in over 50 different markets. From Real Estate to The Occult, from Renewable Energy to Cat Care.

Now age 36, he works as a Digital Marketing Consultant using his diverse background and experience to deliver a fresh and innovative edge to marketing.