Milton Herman

Customer Success Manager, Content Strategist, and Writer in Phoenix, Arizona

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Hello, I’m Milton.

I started my career in a call center. When I escaped and landed in digital marketing - failure was not an option.

I leveraged my background in journalism to become a Content Strategist. I loved learning the nuances of each client and industry. I was fortunate enough to work on campaigns with brands like Intuit, Cabela's and Wal-Mart.

My true passion was in startups and tech. When my company launched a SaaS platform, I jumped at the chance to become the very first Customer Success Manager.

I'm looking to grow in the SaaS industry via success, product or growth roles.

I live in Phoenix, AZ but love traveling and worked remote for two months in five countries. I love sports - playing, watching, debating, etc. Basically, if competition is involved - count me in.