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The Best Novel Writers Have Passion, Not Dreams of a Large Bank Account

Everyone living in this world will have a dream. It might be big or small. Dreams will let you live in a fantasy world where you can accomplish all your wishes. Though you reach your goal or not, your dreams can make you live the life the life you wish. Like everyone, the writers will also have a dream. All the persons who wish to become a writer will surely have a dream of becoming a writer. They will have a dream of writing a book which would become very famous everywhere. The dreams of getting applauds and praises from the people will be trapped in their mind every day. Without dreams, one cannot write a soulful book sam perelman.

Dreams are the illustrations from the book in which their soul writes about them. We use to tell that dream big and you will at least achieve small. The dreams make a black and white life into a multi colored one. Every writer will be a dreamer by nature. But is that the only essential one to become a writer? Will a dream of becoming a writer make someone a good writer? When you ask this to me., I would tell no. Because persons with dreams of large bank account will not make them a good writer..They might dream anything as per their wish. But only the courage to accomplish their dreams will make them a writer. Writers must have a passion for their career. When writers are passionate towards writing, they can make their readers happy and satisfied.

Passion can play a very important role in everyone's life. You can't define passion in just a few words. The single word contains a lot in it. When you follow your passion, you will do every work with more involvement. It can actually lift your life to a greater extent. Everyone can work. But there lies a great difference between working for money or settling up and working for the passion. It can be a major driving factor to reach the lifetime goals. It's not just a feeling but an emotion towards the work and life. A person without a passion is like a flower which doesn't like to bloom beautifully. The only thing what matters is that whether you do the work with all your heart with complete dedication. A person who has a passion towards writing can only become a good writer.