Milton Yee

Milton Yee is a business operations specialist in finance, accounting, audit and security compliance. He earned his bachelor of arts in (Social) Psychology from UC Santa Cruz in Social Psychology and earned his MBA with academic credit to sit for the California CPA licensing exam from Golden Gate University. He is currently preparing to sit for the FAR and BEC exams through a self-study program. Mr. Yee joined LinkExchange in 1997 and saw his first start-up experience acquired by Microsoft in 1998. Later he spent the next 12 years with Microsoft helping to build their Internet business later focused in the area of accounting, finance reporting, budgeting, and customer service. He was also instrumental in developing the bulk of the preventive and detective controls to audit the policy compliance, security compliance and privacy compliance programs as well as incorporating corporate social responsibility into several corporate product initiatives.Mr. Yee is a native San Franciscan who is a part of the first generation of business people who have spent their entire careers as a part of the Internet. He is experienced to assist in a variety of ways at any business or non-profit ventures. His skill sets include accounting, financial reporting and budgeting to help you build your start up or complement your company on a full time or consulting basis. Mr. Yee is currently smelling the flowers and evaluating where he can add value next.