Milagros Muñoz

Villa Mercedes

Hello.! My name is Milagros , I'm 13 years old , I'm from Villa Merdeces ( San Luis ) . I am living with my parents and my brothers and my sister. My favorite food is milanesas con pure, my favorite colour is pink,My favorite football team is Boca. I am of the Seleccion Argentina. I play hockey . I go to STIA. I go to school to Mariano Moreno . I go to ISLI Mondays and Wednesdays . I like English. My father work in a radio , his name is Victor, he's 53 years old. My mother is a housewife, her name is Ada , she's 50 years old. I am a student . In the future I am a teacher . I listen mucis of One Direction . I love One Direction but I am not Directioner. Anythigh elfe .


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