Milani Buddhika

Sri Lanka

A proud Sri Lankan, "NOT A TYPICAL" girl, youngest of a small but great family. There is a Tarzen in my heart, a Steve Jobs in my mind, a Kristen Stewart in my soul and a Sarah Taylor in my legs and hands. Do not want to stuck any where but Love is a place where I need to stay. Two years late in my life but that makes me to run harder today, I love it because I can be busy. I love my life and others lives too. Want to see smiles on others face and that can make me smile. "CRAP and NUTS" ideas are my favorites and a seat near window in a public transport system (bus or train) can take me all around the world in imaginary 2020+.

I believe in 3 P's. People, Profit and Planet!! Budding entreprenuer and will own the best brand one day. Studied Export Agriculture and have a passion on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Waiting for a permenant job as I did lot of internships :). Need a chance for prove myself, it's an emergency.

I am lucky because I am a human being with a heart!!! Need to be an inspiration for Homo sapiens sapiens. Love to hold a DSLR and see many entry approvals on my passport. Top of the mountains and beaches with salt breeze are my favorites. Need to take selfies at Tower Eiffle, Big Ben, Empire State Building, Apple HQ and at all the International Cricket Grounds.

We're running faster than the limit and mother nature won't like it. She will hurt. I want to have a long walk in a lower speed. Innovations need to be done to heal mother nature and we should start to fight in war using only swords and shields.

Follow Lord Buddha's philosophy and believe it is the most peaceful religion we have in this world. All the religions should remain and people should have right to believe what they really believe. Religion is not a competition to win followers and it is a place to stop following. Believe in Karma and it's like Newton's 3rd law.

I do love Books, Songs, Movies and Sports except table tennis. Of love and shadows, Beyonce's Halo, Brothers and No Strings Attached!!!!

So that's part of me...........................................

  • Work
    • Intern
  • Education
    • St.Joseph's Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Kegalle
    • Uva Wellssa University
    • Everyday by society