Mimi Schector

Los Angeles, California

Hello, I’m Mimi Schector. I’m a social media devotee, storyteller, and am passionate about what I do. Connecting people and businesses is fun, not work. I create relationships and partnerships, noteworthy events and powerful social media content. Curiosity drives me, and inventiveness motivates me. I'm currently seeking new opportunities.

What do I believe in?

• Social media activity that is worthy of reposting and retweeting.
• Cause marketing partnerships that address social purpose.
• Events that are exciting, not expected.
• Good ideas are worth exploring, and great ideas are worth everything.
• Research, but never copy.
• Graphics, graphics, graphics.
• Face to face meetings.
• Challenging myself.
• Sharing information.
• Questioning the tried and true.
• Less is more, except for chocolate.
• Humor, always.
• Live music.

I am open to new connections. Please connect with me using my email address: mimi.schector@gmail.com

Find me on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/MimiSchector

Find me on LinkedIn here: https://linkedin.com/in/MimiSchector