Mimi A La Mode

Designer, Social Media Manager, and Small Business Owner in Los Angeles, California

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Back in 1989 Mimi decided to sew a shower cap to go in her newly remodeled bathroom in her apartment in San Francisco.

She wanted a shower cap that would be stylish and functional.

But really wanted one that would be cute on... just in case her BF peeked in at her while she was in the shower.

Then she sold 2 dozen to I Magnin department store and she was in business!

Mimi A La Mode is inspired by the details of fine sewing from the couture houses of Paris and the glamour, luxury and pampering beauty secrets of old Hollywood movie stars. All the while keeping in mind the lush comfortable California lifestyle and finished with a bit of fun and whimsy. Designs created to make our customers feel happy and uplifted for over 25 years. Established in San Francisco in 1989. Now located in Southern California!