Mimi Kelly

Writer, Artist, and Mother in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Hi I’m Mimi. Yep that’s my REAL name. I live on the outskirts of Tulsa, Oklahoma in a town called Broken Arrow. I was raised by my dad who didn’t have any boys and always wanted a son so I became good at “boy” things... Now I’m a Structural Mechanic. I build airplane wings but it’s not my passion... I long to do something I love... I love girly things.. if it sparkles all the better! I love to decorate, create beautiful things like wreaths and floral arrangements... I love DIY home projects because I like to save money and say “I did that!” I love to study marketing, I write music and books and I want to work for myself. If you share any of these interests I’d love to share ideas. You can visit my page by clicking the button above... See you there!

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