Mimi Vo

When I was in elementary school, I joined the Student Council as soon as I could, earned my place on the volleyball team, went to Vietnamese school every single weekend and took piano classes twice weekly. My career goals consisted of me wanting to be a teacher, a pediatrician, a dentist, a marine biologist, a superstar and everything under the sun. I even recall making my dad recline on a chair while I "operated" on his teeth using toothpicks, floss and a toothbrush.
In high school, I was in ASB, Asian Club, the Biotechnology Academy and Key Club. By the time I got to college, my first job was at Target, which ended when I became a Student Assistant at a nonprofit, while working late night/early mornings at an American-Chinese restaurant. At the same time, I mentored over sixty students at California State University, Sacramento (where I went to college full-time). Eventually, I got involved in PRSSA as the conference coordinator and as filled the position of vendor coordinator for JACC.

Once I graduated, my boyfriend Kevin and I packed our bags and moved to beautiful San Francisco where I started my PR career at PPR North America and he continued his sales career at Ricoh USA. Beginning our new jobs as 'real' adults while finding a place to live in The City was one of the biggest challenge we've ever faced. It took us six months of hunting and living at my sister's in Sunnyvale until we officially moved.
There's no doubt I learned every step of the way and am a more mature and overall better human being than I was before, all in a matter of a few months. I believe we all continue to grow and learn no matter how old we are and how much we think we know about the world. Join me as I share my experiences and challenges of living in San Francisco, as a working adult for the first time in my life who's still trying to figure out life along the way.