Mimi Schweid

Writer, Artist, and Barista in New York

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Hi world, thanks for stopping by! My name's Mimi Schweid and here's a lil bit about me. In the third person though because Bio's tend to be that way.

Mimi Schweid is the daughter of two creative individuals who encouraged her creativity at a young age. When she was diagnosed with Dyslexia at age ten she became one of the many to devour the Harry Potter series to help her get through something that made her ‘different’ to her peers. Ever since then, Mimi has made it a mission to read as much as possible and as of now, at least according to Goodreads has read 648 books (as of April, 4th, 2017).

​Now, Mimi spends her time reading as many books and comics as her current economic status provides. The library also helps.

Mimi Schweid makes videos on YouTube to share her ‘feelings’ with the world on just some of the dozens of television shows that she watches. Other things on YouTube that she does consists of Book Babble, a series of book reviews with a fellow YouTuber named Jeremy. Her YouTube account was encouraged by her friend Kathryn who reviews comics online.

​Mimi’s films however are more personal. They are driven by her need to share her ideas with the world as the way she sees them in her head instead of just the written word. Mimi has been writing novels and screenplays since 2008 and plans to be best friends with the likes of JK Rowling and many more when she is published.

  • Education
    • Marymount Manhattan College