Mimzy Wimzy

Me~ Perfectly Imperfect

I am the luckiest wife to the best Hubby, ever.

I am a mom of 3. Two daughters, B-21 & C-20. One son, Muscles-18

We have 2 cats & 1 spoiled dog. {Our 3rd cat is in a box on the mantle. I still talk to him. Don't judge.}

I have one granddaughter & another on the way. They will call me Mimzy, not Grandmom or Granny.

The one thing that always melts my heart is a baby. Every time.

My household loves technological gadgets & gizmos.

My Hubby frequently threatens {jokingly} to block HGTV from our home. I am forever wanting to start more renovation, remodeling & decorating projects when I watch it.

I enjoy sewing. Especially items for babies. I just don't have much time for it now.

I am totally indecisive, except for when I'm not.

I have anxiety. I am learning to live through it.

I like our Kia Soul, zebra print, the colors purple & green, little girls in tutu's and grape jelly on my grilled cheese sandwich.