Ngan Nguyen

One person with a lot of name, just like a lot of face of me when I meet certain people, Once that person see that side of me, they would never be able to explore the other side of me.


Real name (still not full) : Ngan Nguyen

English name is Nerissa

Korean name is Han Joomin.

Spanish name is Anita

Chinese name is Qing Yin.

Another name is Hàn Dạ Thiên.


An introvert Aries

Born under Rat year - water sign.

Moon sign is Scopio

Easy listener, easy taster, easy reader, easy watcher

Do not like to wear dress.

Addicted to social network

The boy that I care is No Minwoo

Places want to travel : Venice, Korea and Bangkok

Language I can speak : Vietnamese (Fluency), English (Conversational) and Spanish (Far below basic)

Like to take picture, capture my moment

Fan of Running Man

Not Kpop fan but listen to Korean music

In love with S.H.E's song

Like historical drama

In love with Minhwa- Heoyeom couple and Im Meahri - Yoon couple. Love them because of those two girls.

Favorite scenery : Night sky, beach

Korean historical drama fan

Personality :

Not an easy talker

Ambitious, full of goals


Hot head

Warm heart


Hate rule

Introvert and innocent look