Minaa B

New York, New York, United States

Jessmina Archbold, who is widely known as Minaa B, is a psychotherapist, mental health advocate and founder of Respect Your Struggle, a movement dedicated to providing hope for people struggling with depression, mental health and life related issues.

Minaa B is passionate about breaking the stigma behind mental health and is hell-bent on bridging the gap between those who struggle with mental illness and those who actually take the steps to pursue treatment for their mental illnesses. She believes in serving underserved, low-income and under-developed communities by plugging them into resources beneficial for their mental health needs while also addressing race, culture and contemporary social problems and how it is interwoven in bridging the gap for mental health treatment.

Aside from running Respect Your Struggle Minaa B is a writer and has been featured on Conscious Magazine and the Huffington Post.

  • Education
    • New York University