Minahil Dahri

Lahore is the capital of Punjab. It has an area of approximately 156 square miles. It has a semi arid climate.

Lahore is connected to the rest of the country via a network of motorways. It has the largest railway station in Pakistan. Airports in the city include the main one namely Allama Iqbal International Airport, the Walton Airport, and the old airport, which now serves as the Hajj Terminal.

Lahore offers limitless entertainment, educational experiences and a wide variety of cuisines to a tourist.

People interested in history and architecture can visit places like the Badshahi Mosque, Lahore fort, and the Lahore museum etc. For children there is the Lahore Zoo, and the Jallo Park. The fun doesn’t end there; other attractions include parks like Sindbad, Joyland, and Sky Land. Lahore is home to the Minar-e-Pakistan, which has also been called as the Eiffel Tower of Pakistan. Another experience worth having in Lahore is a visit to the Wagah Border Ceremony. Lahore is also famous for the Daata Darbar.

Lahore is known for its food street of Gowal Mandi where everything from kebabs to fish can be found. Apart from the local cuisine various other restaurants like Café Aylanto, Fujiyama, Veranda Bistro and Café Zouk are quite popular.

Shopping in Lahore is an amazing experience. There are old markets like Anarkali Bazar and Liberty market, to new age shopping malls Xinhua Mall.