Sanjay Trivedi

Minal Intermediates is a renowned company established in 1991 with an innovative vision in manufacturing the quality specialty chemicals and intermediates for dyes, pigment, API, Agro and Pharmaceuticals. The large portion of the company production is utilized in local market and rest is exported in the global market with significant demand in USA, Asia and Europe. With the modern infrastructure, research and development facilities, large scale production plants, stringent testing and product analysis have played a significant role in raising the company as a strong leader in Indian & global chemical industries.

The ISO 9001:2008 certified Company is aggressive and keen about its corporate responsibilities with lowering the environmental effects while its productivity. It adhere the pollution control regulations strictly to produce the end product without affecting the environment with the help of its primary and secondary effluent treatment plants. The strong worldwide distribution network, quality products, advanced production technology and customer centric approach are the key factors in global success of Minal Intermediates.