my nyas? :3c

iris ❤ she/her ❤ 14 ❤ panromantic ❤ autochorrisexual ❤ tfw no birdfriend ❤ INFP

i like a lot of stuff, honestly reading my twitter would be a better explanation of myself. i try to tag the common triggers, please inform me when i do something wrong! i need to improve myself as a person so it would be a great help. faving my tweets whenever possible would be nice idk it makes me feel like people are actually reading and they care,, eh.

list of twitts, feel free to follow/follow req any of them: @yosuccke(main), @spicaterribles(vent), @minionsona(nsfw), @uraomotefortune(livetweet), @AlCAASHIKEIJI(bot).

please tag: rape, irl gore

remember that i love you and you can always talk to me! i dont know if im like, the BEST listener, but i try to be of as much help as i can.