playing video games in Pennsylvania

Date me

🍬hey... i'm sofie

things i'll be posting are:

* idolmaster

* battle girl high school

* ensemble stars

* mob psycho 100

🍬 i'm gonna make this short and sweet like me! ^w^

🍬 i'm shy sometimes! if you ever tag me in something and i don't see/respond, please tell me. i'm not being rude... chances are i didn't see it. people generally tell me i'm a nice person so i guess that's true. i always try my best to help others out! if you ever need anything i can try and get it for you.

there's also a running gag that i'm a farmer. yeehaw.

🍬 if you've read this, you can go ahead and follow! i wouldn't care if you didn't but i guess i'd need an introduction (*´꒳`*) i hope we can become friends!