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💖Hello ! My name is Lance, but I do have 2 other names I go by , masa, and kiwi. Preferably Lance though!

💖I'm 17

💖I use they/them pronouns !

❤️❤️❤️my interests❤️❤️❤️ include:






💖I'm a Capricorn , my birthday is the 25th of December!

💖I kin with Lance from Pokemon, please do not follow me if you think you are him , I do not take doubles lightly , thank you!

You can also tag me as :

•hijikata (gintama)

•kisumi (free!)

•yamato (naruto)

•kogasa (touhou)

•flint (pokemon)

•shauntal (pokemon)

•kageyama (haikyuu)

•sugawara (okami)

•oki (okami)


💖DM me a pic of either kakashi hatake/ saying why u wanna follow me / where you found me to be accepted unless I follow first ! Thank u :+)💖

❗️If you do follow me and have a problem with me or anything that I post , please tell me , don't vague about me , I get very anxious and paranoid when it comes to vagues and indirects . I don't handle drama very well at all, so just, Please tell me straight up and everything will be cool. Thank you!


❗️ Don't follow me if you're just going to be a ghost follower as well, actually take the time to like my posts please, I don't like it when people just , lurk.

I LOVW MAKING NEW FRIENDS..please don't be shy !! I love talking to people so pls feel free to comment or interact with me!!


just one more thing!

I always read abouts before I follow , so I would appreciate if u read mine . And, sometimes I forget people's triggers and things they want tagged, so please feel free to DM ME( do not comment on my personal posts, DM me ) and I can totally tag or fix anything u want fixed.

💖ask me for my tumblr if you want it !

💖I hope we can be friends!

💖💖💖Well that's about it! Thanks for reading!💖💖💖