Mina Wallace

Student in Athens, GA

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My name is Mina Wallace, and for most of my life marine biology was considered to be “my passion”. After attending several summer camps and shadowing marine biologists I was determined that this would be my future. If I was asked to write this bio roughly 6 months ago I would be writing from the perspective of a marine biologist in the making. Recently, I have found a creative outlet that allowed me to express everything I didn't even know I was holding inside. To define a person as being “creative” is quite broad. Although it is broad it makes sense to define me as creative. From transitioning from a woman that enjoys science and defines herself as such, to a woman who enjoys expressing herself in creative outlets was a large leap and that is why the term “creative” is so new to me. All my life I enjoyed exploring my creativity. From helping my dad customize muscle cars to watching my mom design lighting plans I knew creative outlets interested me. The ocean always interested me a little bit more causing my creative side to be put on the back burner. After making a few friends in creative fields like clothing design, music production, and certain artistries I was inspired to do something I’ve always thought about and that is making and selling my own bikinis. On a random day after school after the thought has circled for months I went to the fabric store and that night I made my first bikini. Finally being able to fabricate my ideas and wear them was the release I never knew I needed. I am in the process of changing my major from biology to something that will help my business grow and support the lifestyle I know will fulfill me the most. I always knew I had the urge to pursue something on the riskier side and I am now fully committed and in love with my decision.