Minaxi Krapa

Designer, Architect, and Artist in Ahmedabad, India

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I Observe,

I don't just see,

I observe people walk by,

I observe lives walk past my small window,

I observe people smile, laugh, walk, talk, cry, run ; trying to grasp why they do what they chose to do.

Observing how small and big a person can feel at the same time. realizing that lives are not perfect but still are perfect.

My window, though it is small has a wide cone of vision.

Standing there , not judging, but trying to perceive what i can through these human eyes, through my small window.

I observe an old scooter parked in front of an old house guarded by an old watch man, sitting there day an night, I wonder what he is seeing or thinking.

I observe a young father walking with his young daughter to see her off to school for the first time. I wonder what he is feeling .

I observe people come and go with there whole lives written in their every action. If only I could read.

Though these are mere details, I can see life in these details.

Someone might think that I am oblivious to the facts of this life,


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    • Aakirna Architects
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    • Bachlor of Architecture
    • S.V.I.T., Vasad, Gujarat