Mina Zakhary

Piscataway, New Jersey

WHEN I WAS 4 YEARS OLD, my father bought his first computer. It had a 333MHz processor and a 40MB hard drive. It cost him $900. Never mind that a cell phone or even smart refrigerator has exponentially more power and capacity today; I was hooked on gadgets the first time I pressed the--inexplicably teal-colored--power button on that PC and heard the fans whir.

18 years later, I'm studying Information Technology and Informatics at Rutgers University, specializing in Game Production and Innovation. I work double duty in the Office of Information Technology there as an Assistant Lab Supervisor and Network Support Consultant.

Understanding, tinkering with, and reading/writing about technology, and the way we as a society consume it, is my primary driving force. I build my own PCs, I swear by my MacBook Air, and I faithlessly oscillate between Android and iOS every upgrade cycle. I read The Verge,Polygon, Wired, and AnandTech religiously.

I also want to create a real-life version of Jarvis.

  • Work
    • RutgersIT
  • Education
    • Cherry Hill High - East High School
    • Rutgers – New Brunswick