Minbo Kim

Minbo Kim enjoys poetry and music that stimulate new ways of thinking and viewing the world. Favorite composers include Carl Orff, Johann Sebastian Bach, and the 18th century Italian cellist Luigi Boccherini, who played a pivotal role in the development of the string quartet. Minbo Kim also has an appreciation for the mid-20th Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel, who had English versions of his songs recorded by Frank Sinatra and Joan Baez, and was a distinct influence on musicians such as David Bowie and Leonard Cohen.

Kim’s interest in the arts extends to an appreciation of the poetry volume Hymns and Fragments, which is a collection of Friedrich Hölderlin’s seminal free rhythm poems of the early 19th century. His verses were an early precursor to modern-era poetry and influenced later poets and philosophers, including Rainer Maria Rilke, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, and Martin Heidegger.

Kim currently works as a principal at MK Research, focusing on business analytics, building practical models, quantitative forecasting, and econometrics.

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