Park Minchan


Oh, hey, yeah, My name is Deandra.
err.. a lot of my friends called me Minchan. whatever you can call me freely. dumb, cute, pretty, jerk, bastard, bitch lol whatever, i'll accept it. cause you are my friend since now ok. we can having fun together as friends and sharing our story each other. omg that was i dreaming for. umm, i love South Korean so fucking much. not just their Music, Boyband, Girlband, Dramas or whatever. i love their culture, town, their attitude and many more... i hope someday i can go to Seoul ahahaha.

I love South Korean since i was in grade 6 or maybe 5. my friend was telling me the boyband that joined a drama on my national chanel. he was Kim Hyun-Joong at Boys Over Flowers. omg I WAS SO FUCKING LOVE THAT DRAMA. i'm spazzing about BOF almost everytime-day-minute-second. my bias is Kim Ki Bum, but i also love Lee Min Ho otl. i known South Korea was very beautiful when i was watching Full House (also at my national chanel orz). but not too addicted over that drama. sincerely, i was very grateful for my friend named janatun who was kindly tell me that drama so i can loving Korean so much like this. so i met the reason for live lol.

oh yea, i stan Kim Himchan, Lee Hyukjae, Wu Yifan, and Kim Jongin. oh no, i can even type the right list of my bias. THEY MIGHT BE CHANGED BY MY OTHER BIAS OTTAY. BUT-- OK-- I CAN NOT CHOOSE MY BIAS IN EXO. LOL. but first at all, i love Kim Himchan <3

but if you want to know, my first love is Lee Hyukjae, Eunhyuk- Super Junior. i love him for 5years already. i fell for him when i was watching his Music Video (Twins) dunno why can-i-stan-him lol, since his face was sooooooo different till now. hm, love at first sight. and you know what? that time so many fans bashing hyukjae beacuse of his face, please hyukjae might be ugly but he is so nice and friendly also humorist that was why i love lee hyuk jae. and now? THERES SO MANY GIRLS BIASED HYUKJAE TT_TT. forget it. i was very dissapointed because of IU-Hyukjae rumours, they having date, they in relationship, they having sex. fuck it, thats enough. and once a time, i see they selcas with topless hyukjae, ppl said hyukjae is wearing a top but same color like his skin. i just laughing, but deep inside is hurt, so much. and till now, i can loving hyukjae like i have did before. sorry, its hurt too much. ;;-;;

and when B.A.P and EXO come. i catched into Himchan. OMG HE WAS SO FUCKING CUTE HANDSOME SEXY FRIENDLY LOVELY

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